U.S. Capital, LLC, and its related entities, has accomplished numerous highly successful projects and international ventures over the years. At the helm of U.S. Capital is an exceptionally tenacious leader, Dr. Leonard Bloom, who, along with his carefully selected Executive Staff, Partners, Associates and international relationships, has had a very remarkable career, spanning over 35 years. Today, U.S. Capital’s primary focus continues to be sports and entertainment, venue development, operations and management – all predicated on our exclusive International Operations and Management Model” of operating large, prestigious venues and booking a myriad of successful national and international events with continuity and high profitability.

U.S. Capital has the expertise and successful background in owning, designing, building, managing and operating spectacular, top-ranking Sports & Entertainment Facilities. U.S. Capital’s expertise in strategic contracting, booking and smart scheduling, as well as tactical planning to ensure that operations of at least 250 national and international events annually will be smoothly and successfully accommodated, is our winning model.  A new stadium complex will require the hiring of thousands of positions that will greatly improve the economy and boost business opportunities.  The best people hired to produce the highest possible profitability in the best environment achievable, has been, and will remain, U.S. Capital’s ultimate focus.

U.S. Capital's Grand Vision is to unite its extensive expertise, background, relationships and continuity with high-level, prestigious projects - to create the most successful and profitable projects possible for Sports & Entertainment Venues.